Let's Go To The Movies - The House

Earlier this week, a friend and I saw a sneak peak of the new movie, The House.

When the full-ride college scholarship their daughter wins falls through, Scott and Kate Johansen (Will Ferrell and Amy Poehler) start an illegal casino in their suburban neighborhood to earn the money needed for her tuition.

I was looking forward to seeing Will Ferrell and Amy Poehler finally onscreen together - as they surprisingly had yet to do a film together before this one. They're both a joy to watch, and putting them together should have guaranteed one hilariously funny film. The House didn't quite live up to that expectation. Again (like with this and this film recently) it went a lot darker than I would have expected, and ended up relying too heavily on shock versus smart comedy. It was amusing enough, but no need to rush to the theater for this one. It won't lose any of its entertainment factor in its transition from the big to the small screen.

What new movies are you looking forward to?


This And That

I put together a bunch of randomness for your reading pleasure today. Enjoy!

1 - Bill and his dad took a bike trip together from, get this...Pittsburg, PA to Washington, DC!! Crazy, huh! Super proud of them both.

2 - Has anyone seen The Dressmaker? I was totally loving it, and then, took a really strange turn. Just wondering what others may have thought. Beautiful costuming though.

3 - Remember here, where I spray painted a terracotta planter that came with the house, and then planted a dwarf citrus tree in it?  Yeah, that didn't work out so well. I swear, I have the blackest thumb. No idea what happened with the pot here either. Just keeping it real for you guys, you know, in case you mistakenly thought my life was blog worthy all the time.

4 - I'm so excited for Game of Thrones to start back up soon! About time, right?

That's it from my next of the woods. Our schedule was quite hectic this last month. We have one more trip to California coming up this weekend; then I'm hoping we can slow down a bit and start enjoying the summer (as much as you can enjoy summer here in Phoenix - hot, hot, hot!). I do enjoy traveling, but this constant traveling, like we've been doing lately, is really, really exhausting.


My New Jam - Young Lady, You're Scaring Me

Bill turned me onto this great song by Ron Gallo called "Young Lady, You're Scaring Me".

It's got a great 70's rock vibe to it, and perfect for dancing.

What are you listening to these days?


Dress The Part - La La Land - The Blue Dress

Are you ready for more La La Land inspired fashion? Today, we're looking at the gorgeous cobalt blue dress from the number, "Someone In The Crowd".

Cobalt is such a striking color, and really looks good with all skin/hair colors. Combine that with the universally flattering halter neckline and A-line silhouette, and you got yourself a dress, am I right? If you want to make a statement, give cobalt a try.

You may notice, that the thrifty Mia Dolan (played by Emma Stone) pairs the same cobalt heels here that she'll later wear again with the yellow dress. (She is, after all, a struggling actress, and those exact Kurt Geiger shoes from the film would have cost her $280!). Anyway, what, do you think of the matchy-matchy monotone look?  A little bridesmaid-y? I personally would probably style the dress with a metallic sandal - either silver or gold. Whatever shoe you go with, make sure you can dance in them, because that's really what this dress is all about. Check out the movement on the skirt!

I rounded up a few fun and similar cobalt blue cocktail dresses that would be perfect for the dance floor.
1 | 2 | 3 | 4

What do you guys think? Are you "yes" or "no" when it comes to cobalt? I had a cute cobalt dress that no longer fits (too big now!), so I'm definitely looking for a replacement. It's one of my favorite colors.


The Best Layering Tank

I found another great basic wardrobe piece to add to my closet.  It's The Essential Tank from The Loft.
I picked it up awhile ago in white and was so impressed. It fits great, holds it shape, is soft and light weight, and absolutely perfect to layer under everything!! When they went on sale for $5 during a recent flash sale, I picked it up in black, forever navy, ecru cloud, pink fizz, and 3 more in white. Believe me, if I need a tank now, I totally got it covered.

Happy Shopping!!


Let's Go To The Movies - Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie

It was just me and the kids hanging out on a Saturday recently, so I took them to see Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie. In case you were wondering, it was their pick, not mine.

Best friends, George (Kevin Hart) and Harold (Thomas Middleditch) love hanging out together and working on their comic book series about a superhero they created called, Captain Underpants. When their principal, Mr. Krupp (Ed Helms) threatens to put them in separate classrooms, the two inadvertently hypnotize Mr. Krupp into thinking he is the real Captain Underpants. The evil villain, Professor Poopypants (Nick Kroll) then poses as a substitute teacher at their school with plans of ridding the world of laughter; Captain Underpants, despite having no real superpowers whatsoever, takes on the Professor with George and Harold by his side.

Sounds gripping, right?

I can honestly say that the kids really enjoyed Captain Underpants. They are at the perfect age where simply saying the word "underpants" or "poopy" enlists tons of laughter. So, I knew it wasn't going to take very much to impress them.

Me though? Well, I surprisingly enjoyed it as well. It's not going down as an instant animated classic or anything like that, but it did make me chuckle. Captain Underpants was just so...enthusiastic, that it was hard not to crack a smile. Plus, there's something about Kevin Hart's voice that always makes me laugh.

There's definitely no reason to rush out to the theater to see this one, but if you're looking for a fun family movie night, check it out when it hits DVD.

P.S. Have your kids read the children's book series this is based on by Dav Pilkey? Mine haven't, but Madeleine does enjoy his other new series, Dog Man.


May I Please Have Some More Throw Pillows?

I picked up new throw pillows for the family room...AGAIN!! I'm building up quite a collection because I can never seem to make up my mind, and I have serious trouble matching throw pillows together. It's my decorating Achilles Heel.
The throw pillows are from Target, but I don't see they're available online anymore (similar here though). They're really squishy and comfortable, which is perfect for those weekend naps that tend to happen when the kids ask to watch the same episode of Paw Patrol for the umpteenth time in a row.
At least with my ever growing collection, I can switch them up when I get bored. Otherwise, I'm hoping through enough trial and error, that I'll eventually come up with a combination that works. Odds are, it has to happen at some point; even if it's by accident, right?

P.S. Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes In The Family Room | Throw Pillow Drama