Officially A Soccer Mom

That's right, with the three digit temperatures behind us (fingers crossed), all the fall sports have started up here in Phoenix; and Madeleine and Seamus are bona fide soccer players now!
The kids got to pick their team name, so everybody put your hands together for the SUPER ROCK STARS! Not just Rock Stars, mind you, but SUPER Rock Stars. They're playing through i9 Sports (which is a national program btw), that is purely a rec league; so no keeping score or anything like that yet. 
That being said, Madeleine totally scored her first goal!! She's such a natural at all things athletic.
Seamus? Well, Seamus was a bit more...let's say - hesitant. He got kicked in the leg before practice even started, then pretty much refused to go in the game at all. 
He did eventually give it a go, and I'm betting next week will be better (here's hoping). I forget how young 4 is still, you know? Wish us luck, I guess.

What fun extracurricular activities do you have your little ones in? This is Seamus' first, but Madeleine also does karate, Brownies, and piano lessons. 


My New Jams - Malibu

You guys, I'm totally digging Miley Cyrus' new song, Malibu.
It's slow and soft and much more mellow then I've ever heard her before. I just love that deep, twangy voice of hers.

What are you listening to lately?


Wedding Weekend - Day 4

Technically, all we did on this day was drive home to Arizona, but we did make one quick little silly stop on the way home for my dinosaur loving boy.

We drive through Cabazon (near Palm Springs) every time we go to California. I'm not sure if there is anything else to see in Cabazon, but if you ever make the drive, you have to at least stop and check out the dinosaurs.
It's a great fun roadside attraction to stop at when you need to stretch your legs, fill up the tank, or grab a bite to eat.
There's also a total tourist trap "museum" there too, but we didn't feel like forking over the cash and just walked around the grounds instead.
Seamus was in heaven.
These long drives back and forth to California remind me of all the road trip summer vacations I used to take as a kid. Hopefully the kids will remember them as fondly as I did.
A quick family pic before we headed back to the car to finish the drive home.
So, that's all folks; another California adventure in the books. I swear, we've been there quite a few times now, but I still feel like we've hardly even scratched the surface of what there is to see and do in this awesome state.

2017 California - Wedding Weekend - Day 1
2017 California - Wedding Weekend - Day 2
2017 California - Wedding Weekend - Day 3 


Wedding Weekend - Day 3

Finally, it was the wedding day, i.e. the entire purpose of our vacation. Madeleine asked if she could wear a suit, and since I had no legitimate reason to refuse her request, I picked out these adorable summer suits from H&M for her and Seamus to both wear. Then of course, I completely forgot to take any pictures of them together in them before the jackets came off. #momfail
The wedding ceremony was in a little park atop a hill overlooking Newport. It was a tad hot, but an otherwise gorgeous day.

Speaking of gorgeous, look at that house! What? You thought I was talking about Bill. Yeah, he was looking good too, but OMG, that right there is my California dream house.
Taking advantage of the view.
Chatting post wedding - one of my favorite photos of the day.
The gorgeous wedding arch overlooking Newport. Not a bad spot to say, "I do", right? Also, those were paper flowers on the arch. Don't they look real? So pretty.
My cuties showing each other some love.
Then, taking advantage of the view again with my gorgeous girl.
They had their reception at Tru Food Kitchen in Newport. We had drinks and appetizers on the patio, followed by a lovely dinner and cake inside.

Love these handsome fellas.
And, of course, the ridiculously good looking bride and groom. Ahh, young love.
All-in-all, it was a really great day. The kiddos completely passed out on the ride home. So cute.
It was a fun little trip to California, but we still had one final stop to make on our way home to Arizona. Stay tuned!


Wedding Weekend - Day 2

The next day of our California trip we spent in Newport Beach! We headed down to the bay and let the kids go on the rides at the Balboa Fun Zone. 
There was jumping...
 And climbing...
 And Ferris Wheel fun!
They also played arcade games...
And funnily enough, Bill ran into an old friend from college. Small world!
Next up, was a planned activity for everyone in town for the wedding. They booked us a Duffy Boat  (aka Electric Boat) tour of Newport Harbor.
We had such a nice time chatting and looking about. Beautiful scenery and gorgeous homes! We all picked a favorite.
My father-in-law did an excellent job navigating the busy harbor. The place was definitely hopping for 4th of July weekend.
After the boat tour, the kids wanted to ride the rides again. We had gotten them all-day passes, so we made sure to get our money's worth.
We headed back to the hotel to rest up a little bit, then it was off to Fashion Island for the rehearsal dinner!
We had a fun dinner with the family at the Yard House. There's a bit of an age difference between my oldest nephews and niece and their cousins, but they are all so sweet and patient with the kids it's always a joy to watch. 
From left to right, it's my niece, Emily (the bride), Jordan (the groom), Madeleine, my nephew, Noah, Seamus, and my nephew, Evan.

Stay tuned for the wedding day and one last stop on our way home.


Wedding Weekend - Day 1

We're back in California for a family wedding. We made the drive Friday night, then Saturday, spent the morning at the beach!
First though, a quick bite to eat at Ruby's Diner on Huntington Beach Pier. It's one of my favorite little traditions each time we're in California. It was an exciting morning, as someone had caught a Thresher Shark from the pier and hauled it all the way up right in front of the diner. When I actually went to check it out though, I found the whole thing pretty disturbing. Needless to say, we didn't linger, and headed off to Huntington State Beach.
We spent the morning looking for sea shells, building sand castles, trying not to get knocked down by waves, and relaxing.
After beach time, we headed to my father-in-law's place to say "hi" to the family and hang out for a bit. Good times! 


Let's Go To The Movies - The House

Earlier this week, a friend and I saw a sneak peak of the new movie, The House.

When the full-ride college scholarship their daughter wins falls through, Scott and Kate Johansen (Will Ferrell and Amy Poehler) start an illegal casino in their suburban neighborhood to earn the money needed for her tuition.

I was looking forward to seeing Will Ferrell and Amy Poehler finally onscreen together - as they surprisingly had yet to do a film together before this one. They're both a joy to watch, and putting them together should have guaranteed one hilariously funny film. The House didn't quite live up to that expectation. Again (like with this and this film recently) it went a lot darker than I would have expected, and ended up relying too heavily on shock versus smart comedy. It was amusing enough, but no need to rush to the theater for this one. It won't lose any of its entertainment factor in its transition from the big to the small screen.

What new movies are you looking forward to?