Family Room Progress

I've told you about the three big purchases I've made for this room (here and here), now let's take peak at how it is starting to come together.

To refresh your memory we started off pretty bare bones (more pictures here).
And now it looks like this!
Please note that I am a terrible photographer.  I took these pictures at night too, which didn't help anything.

Anyway, the drapes on the wall of windows are still there, and we have not touched the fireplace or painted walls yet. We tucked Bill's telescope next to the fireplace.  It surprisingly works well there visually, and he's used it a bunch already - so I'm fine with where it is.  I just plopped a painting we already had on the mantle - totally temporary, but better than nothing for now. The little "fire" in front of the fireplace is a toy we got from the Land of Nod (still available here).  I got it on sale over Christmas, and the kids love it.  We've had the ottoman for awhile too - it's from Target (still available here).  It's temporary too, but works great with kids as it is round, padded, and provides storage.

Here you can see the new media console and rug a little more.  We have some very bare walls to deal with yet.  I cleared out all the toys except for the campfire too.  We definitely need to figure out some attractive toy storage solutions for this room still.

Finally, here's a shot of the new couch (and my dog, Banshee!!).  It's working out great so far - really comfortable.  I think I'm going to stain the legs darker though.  The natural wood is bugging me.  The little orange table we've had for awhile.  It's the martini side table from West Elm (still available in other colors here). The leather chair was one of our big purchases from our first home.  It's from a local store in Milwaukee called Rubin's (not sure if it is still available - link to store here though).

So, it's starting to come together, but we still have a lot to do. I cannot wait to paint this place.

Here's the budget breakdown so far.

Sofa -      $639.42
TV Unit - $242.58
Rug -       $913.13
Total -    $1,795.13

The chair, side table, and ottoman that we already owned probably add another $1,800 to the total.  That's just shy of $3,600 to furnish this one room.  The good news is that I think I'm done with furniture in here for awhile.  The only other thing I can think of is maybe a bookshelf next to the chair for some height.  The rest is all paint and accessories.  The bad news is that's the hard stuff for me.  Paint will be okay, but accessoring - not my strong suit.  In the past that is why my rooms have never felt finished.  I get all the big pieces, then never quite finish up.

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