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Here's the backyard...otherwise known as the reason we bought this house.  One thing we quickly realized while house hunting was that lot sizes in Arizona were small - like really small (especially compared to Midwest standards).  Many houses only had a concrete patio with or without a pool in back.  I get's the desert, but that was not going to work for us.  I wanted enough space for the kids and dog to be able to run around a bit.  I knew we weren't going to get acres like we probably could have found in Wisconsin, so our backyard criteria became simply a pool with some natural space - which was still really hard to find.  I went to Arizona on what was supposed to be a scouting mission, and saw this house the morning it went on the market.  I knew it was the one the moment I saw the yard.  I did a quick FaceTime tour with Bill, and we put in an offer on the spot.
It's really working out well for us.  There's a big patch of grass on the right, and a smaller on the left.  Then there is a pool tucked in the back corner surrounded by rocks.  Oh, and it already had a fence around the pool, which was an added bonus.
Here's a closer shot of the pool.  I've only been in it once so far.  During the "winter", even though it is nice and warm here, the pool water is pretty cold for swimming (around 50°).  That's why the yard space was so important for us.  Madeleine is three and Seamus will be walking soon.  I wanted a space for them to run around in when it was too cold to swim.  We have played outside literally everyday since moving in - it's wonderful.
This is the view facing the back of the house.  You can see we have a covered patio right off the Family Room.  Then, there's actually a lot of space surrounding the pool that is just rocks.  We have a few big ideas for this space, but for right now we'll probably just work on landscaping it a bit.

It really is quite lovely as is, but there are still a few items on the old "to do" list.

- furniture - dining set for patio, lounge chairs and umbrellas for the pool area.
- address the pavers - either adding rocks to make it more level (tripping hazard) or replacing with something more our style
- storage - we need at least two storage pieces for outdoor toys and pool toys
- landscaping - bring in some more desert plants and/or plant a citrus/avocado tree

That's it for the tour!!  Those are the new digs!!  We're all moved in (well, almost), and we've even bought a few pieces of furniture already.  I'll be sharing all the decorating decisions and progress along the way, but let's start talking about other stuff too.  See you next week.

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