House Tour - Living/Dining Room

Let's start with the Living/Dining Room, shall we?

This is the "living" part of the Living/Dining Room combo.  The ceiling slants up (short end on the right below), and creates a great room feel - even though it's really not that big.  I have a feeling once the furniture goes in it's going to go all shrinky-dink on me.
Anyway, I like the front door, large window, and tall ceilings.  I want to paint the walls white, then bring in a ton of color with the furniture, accessories, and art.  I need to switch out the heavy, short drapery with something light, breezy, and longer.  We're talking starting above the arch and going all the way down to the floor.  Speaking of the floor, it's pergo.  I don't love it, but I don't hate it either.  Most homes in Phoenix have tiled floors (nice and cool).  Done well, they look really nice, but most of the homes we saw were not done well - so I'm just happy that we're not dealing with that.  The pergo is fine for now.   
As we pan right we start to see the beginning of the "Red Monster."  It speaks for itself, really.  I don't want an accent wall (especially not a red one).  The white walls I'm thinking of will continue on through here.  I'm not quite sure of furniture placement yet, or if I'll have enough room - but I'd like this wall to be full of art and maybe an upright piano.  That's a big maybe though, as I really don't think there will be enough room.
As we continue right we enter the "dining" portion of the room.  It has an even bigger window, and even taller ceilings.  You can also start to see the full extent that is the "Red Monster."  Bwah, hah, hah (that's my evil laugh).  I will defeat it!!

Anyway, again, white walls and super tall drapes.  I definitely want a different chandelier too.  We have no dining room table either, so I'm on the hunt for that as well.
Next, we see the entrance to the Family Room and the stairwell.  The loft space above actually overhangs the Red Monster about a foot.  I think it would be really nice to put a built-in buffet of sorts there.  The house seriously lacks storage, so anyway we can bring in more we're going to do it.
Finally, there's one last big, blank, beige wall.  I'm picturing a wall of bookcases here.  We have so many books that need a home.  This is another tall wall, so anything vertical will help fill up the space.

That's your 360° tour of this room. It's different than anything I've ever had before.

What do you think? Any suggestions?  Please don't say we should keep the "Red Monster" - it's not gonna happen.

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