House Tour - Family Room/Kitchen

Today we're taking a look at the Kitchen and Family Room.  There's a lovely archway that separates this space from the Dining Room.  Essentially the Living Room/Dining Room/Kitchen/Family Room make the shape of an "L".
So, now that you have your bearings (yeah, right) - here's the kitchen.  It's bigger than any kitchen we've ever had before.  I am loving the counter space.  In fact, the counters aren't bad either - Silestone I think.  They are dark gray with little shiny flecks in them.  The backsplash is slate subway tile.
Here's a little closer look.  The counters are okay, the backsplash is okay, and the appliances are okay.  I definitely want to change the color of the cabinets.  We'll either be staining them darker or painting them white.  Right now they are the same color as the floor, and I'm not digging it.  The fluorescent light box and chandelier will also be going.
If you stand in the kitchen facing out you get this view of the Family Room.
I love the wall of windows, but we're bummed that only one part of it is a sliding door.  The drapes are really heavy too.  They're good to block the sun at certain parts of the days, but I wonder if we could get away with something lighter.  We'll see how hot this room gets come July.  There is a fire place with the same slate tile as the kitchen backsplash and a weird drywall mantle that is not at all functional.  A new mantle is definitely on the list.  I like having the ceiling fan in this room, but just not this one - so that will get replaced as well. 
Here is the last corner of the room.  The wall directly to the right of the fireplace is the logical spot for the television right now.  The last wall on the right will probably house a loveseat or a chair.  We'll need to address toy storage in this room too, as this is where the kiddos play a lot right now.
So, to recap, here's what is on the initial To-Do list for these rooms...
- Paint the walls (most likely white again, I'm digging white lately)
- Paint the trim white (refresher coat)
- Paint/Stain the kitchen cabinets
- Remove fluorescent light box
- Replace chandelier
- Replace our kitchen table and chairs
- New drapery
- New fireplace mantle
- Replace ceiling fan
- Hang art
- Come up with a toy storage solution
- Accessorize and style!

We spend a lot of time in this room, so my goal is to make it super comfortable and kid friendly - yet pretty.

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