House Tour - Half Bath/Laundry Room

Today we have the first floor bathroom and laundry room.

The half-bath on the first floor is very,  Seriously, it's  A coat of paint will do wonders in this room, but there are a few other updates I'd like to see as well.
I plan on getting this room skim coated.  It's so small, dark, and textured that it would probably be just as much work to prime and paint around all the little obstacles.  I'm going to remove the large mirror and replace it with a medicine cabinet.  Then, I'll hang a towel rod above the toilet for hand towels.
This is the view you get while you do your business in there.  This towel bar will be removed.  I'm thinking either fun art or shelves with decorative accents.  As far as the color of this room, I'm not sure yet.  Since I'm going for a lot of white in the main living areas, I'm thinking this would be a fun room to add some color too - maybe yellow?
 Moving onto the laundry room.  We obviously need a washer/dryer, but besides that I'd really like this room to be fun and functional.  This is the way we enter and leave the house, so we are passing through here multiple times a day.
It also needs better storage.  All the laundry/ironing supplies need to be stored in here, but I don't want to see them.  There's not much space though.  I definitely want cabinets above the washer/dryer, but we do also have this small space to work with too. 
This is the entrance to the garage.  I want to paint this door with chalkboard paint.  It would give the kids something to do when they want to "help" me with the laundry, as well as serving as a great reminder/message board.  It's literally the last thing we see before leaving the house, so it's the perfect spot for it.
There's not a ton of space, but it would be great to have a place to hang coats and bags in here as well.  We need something a bit more functional and strong than this little thingy currently on the wall.

- Remove mirror
- Skim coat and paint walls
- Paint trim
- Move towel bar from wall opposite the sink to above the toilet
- Buy and install medicine cabinet
- Hang art or shelves on wall opposite the sink
- New faucet (?)
- New vanity (?)

Laundry Room
- Buy washer/dryer
- Paint room and trim
- Paint door to the garage with chalk board paint
- Install cabinets above washer/dryer
- Utilize space next to washer to maximize storage
- Install heavier hooks on wall opposite washer/dryer for coat/bag storage

That's it for the ground floor.  Stay tuned for the second floor!!  I'm sure you can hardly contain yourself.  I know I can't!

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