House Tour - Kids' Bedrooms

Let's check out the kids' rooms!

This is Seamus' room.  He's 10 months old and a boy, so even though it's far from my taste it sort of works for now.  His room presents some interesting challenges though, as it's actually hexagon shaped.  Some of the walls are not very wide - which makes furniture placement a challenge.  We currently have his crib against the short wall pictured below.
I'd like to remove the wood rail going around the room (although it's proved convenient for hanging his hats and his towels after baths).  As far as color, I keep coming back to gray walls with pops of red, teal, and yellow in the furniture, accessories, and linens.
Another short wall next to the closet - bookshelf maybe?
This is the wall we have his changing table dresser against currently.  I want to take the curtains down.  I usually love curtains, but for his room I keep imaging some sort of tailored shade instead. 

Now my daughter's room.  Madeleine is 3 and ready for her official big girl room.  This is also the room we are designating for guests, so it has to accommodate a full sized bed too.
The chair rail is going in this room as well.  I want to paint it white with pops of orange, pink, and mint green.  I think I might actually paint the ceiling of this room mint green, and I already purchased some cute curtains that will bring in the pink and orange.
The lighting in her room is terrible.  The baseball ceiling fan will definitely be going.
I want to bring lots of fun art on the walls in here too.  I'm thinking some wall shelves as well.  Because of the full-sized bed - floor space is at a minimum.  I want her to have as much play room as possible.

Seamus' Room
- Remove wooden rail
- Skim coat and paint the walls
- Paint the trim
- Switch light out for ceiling fan

Madeleine's Room
- Remove chair rail
- Skim coat and paint the walls
- Paint the trim
- Replace ceiling fan

These rooms don't actually have much to do before I can dig in and start decorating them.  I have a very clear vision for Madeleine's room too, so I'm looking forward to tackling hers.  I'd like them to have fun and comfortable spaces for themselves sooner rather than later, so they're at the top of my list.

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