House Tour - Loft

We didn't get the fourth bedroom we were hoping for, but did end up with a little extra square footage by way of this loft space.  The "Red Monster" from the living/dining room continues up and into this space, so that will be gone at some point whenever we repaint the downstairs.
We're currently using the loft as an office, but long term I'm picturing it as a cool place for the kids to hang out doing their homework or playing video games.  They're a ways away from that stage, so it's an office for now.  Although really it's become the dumping ground for all our stuff we don't know what to do with yet.
I'm picturing a comfy couch (fold-out?), desk, and bookshelves.  Maybe one of those large computer monitors that is as big as television for watching movies or playing video games in there too.  I'd also like to put a few of Madeleine's larger play items in here (her kitchen), so they don't clutter up the downstairs.

- Paint the walls white
- Paint the trim
- Hang curtains or shade

Not much work to do in this room either, but we'll need to spend some money on furniture items.

Almost done with the house tour.  Sorry if you're getting bored, but I want to have a nice record of the "before".  Stay tuned next week for the Kids' Bathroom, Master Suite, and the piece de resistance...the Backyard!!

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