House Tour - Kids' Bathroom

Just a quick post today to show you the Kid's Bathroom.  It's a narrow room - only as wide as the tub, and has slate flooring.  Not my favorite, but it looks descent enough.
 It's very builders grade, with a huge mirror, dressing room lights, and a basic cabinet.
The mirror is too big.  I'd much rather get one no wider than the vanity.  Then, I can hang hand towels above the toilet.  Not one of the three bathrooms in the house has a convenient place to hang hand towels (driving me crazy!).  I'd like to switch out the light and faucet, and the cabinet will either get painted or stained - probably stained.  As far as color, I'm sticking with white - but adding bright colors in all the accessories.  I want lots of aqua, yellow, pink, and green.  It's a kid's bathroom, so it should be bright and cheerful.

Kid's Bathroom
- paint walls and trim
- buy shower curtain, bath mat, towels, and sink accessories
- stain cabinet
- switch faucet (chrome or brushed nickel)
- replace mirror
- replace light
- hang new towel bars
- hang art

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