House Tour - Master Suite

We're nearing the end folks.  Here's our Master Suite.  This is the largest bedroom I've ever had, and the first time I've had an attached bath; so I'm very excited.
I could not for the life of me photograph the true look of the walls.  They didn't do the best job painting, but trust me, it does not look to like this streaky mess to the natural eye.  I may actually put some color on the walls in here - grey(?).  The heavy velvet curtains (again with the velvet) will be going, and we need to replace the ceiling fan.  I'd like to get one that has a light - it's a big room to only light with bedside lamps.
This is the wall that the bed is against.  We have a queen size mattress that sits on a metal frame.  We need at least a headboard, and I'd like it to be fabric. 
This is the wall opposite the bed.  It's painted a different color.  We just recently purchased some dressers - one of which we put against this wall.  We need to style it, add some art, and maybe another piece of furniture (chair?)
We just bought a tall dresser to go on this half wall, and I'd think I'd like to put a full length mirror in the little alcove.  You  need at least one full length mirror in a house, right?

There's another door in the alcove that leads into the Master Bathroom.  It has a large glass block window, separate tub and shower, double vanity, and the same slate floors that are in the Kid's Bathroom.  For some reason, I keep coming back to painting this room blue with white towels, black and white art, and a few touches of yellow.
At the back of the room is the entrance to our walk-in closet.
Here's the view facing the other way.  There's a lot of counter space, which is another first for us.  Again, I'm not digging the black faucets or cabinet tone.  I think I'd also like to frame the mirror for a more built-in look.
Across from the shower, tucked in a little nook is the toilet.  There is the ugliest cottage style cabinet above it that doesn't match anything (and is falling apart) - it is definitely going.  I'm leaning towards chunky, wall to wall shelves.  I also want to remove the towel bar and put up towel hooks instead. 
Bill (the husband) and I are both enjoying having so much room to ourselves.  We've never really had the relaxing, romantic retreat bedroom, so I'm excited to tackle this space.

Master Bedroom
- paint walls and trim
- remove curtains and figure out a different window dressing solution
- buy headboard or bedframe
- replace ceiling fan with a model that includes a light
- style dresser tops, add art, and mirror

Master Bathroom
- paint walls and trim
- remove curtain
- remove above toilet cabinet
- switch towel bar for towel hooks
- stain cabinet
- replace faucets
- frame mirror
- hang art

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