Step in the Right Direction

I feel like my family is right on the verge of being in a very good place.  The craziness of the cross-country move has worn off, and we're settling in.  Seamus is closing in on a year.  He's sleeping consistently and our days of formula and bottles are coming to an end.  I can finally start focusing on me again (maybe...please).  Don't get me wrong - 99% of my time is still spent being a mom and working, but I think I'm starting to have energy again to do other things with my 1% besides nap (although I do really love a good nap).

This past year (maybe even longer) I really haven't given much thought to my appearance.  We're talking bear minimum.  It's funny how motherhood changes you.  How I look used to be really important to me - then suddenly it just wasn't.  I was just too exhausted to care.

I realized around age 33 that my face was starting to look older.  I suddenly really felt my age, and felt I looked it too.  I never gave much thought to skin care before.  I wash my face in the shower with body wash, and that's about it.  I had read about in Vogue (and previously tried a sample set of) the Wexler products from Bath and Body Works.  So, a few years ago I decided to give that a try.  It's not working for me though.  There are too many steps for me to use consistently, so I'm not getting the benefit.  I still have quite a bit of it though, so I'm going to use it up (it's too expensive to waste), but I'm on the hunt for a simple and effective anti-aging system for my face.  I think I can only handle washing my face and applying a cream.  If there are more steps than that it's probably not going to work for me.  I've always wanted to try La Mer, but it's so expensive.  It's on all the celebrity must-have lists I see in magazines though.  Cindy Crawford has a brand too called Meaningful Beauty.  The infomercial is compelling, but I think it might be that Cindy Crawford is just crazy gorgeous.

I'd love to know what system you guys are using.  Or maybe I just need one great face wash and one great anti-aging moisturizer - not necessarily the same brand.

Anyway, it's not just the skin on my face that needs attention.  The heels of my feet are truly awful.  Years of high heels and almost never wearing socks has done them in.  They're hard, dry, and cracked, and frankly, I'm embarrassed by them.  I did a bit of research, and Origins Reinventing the Heel kept popping up on various "best of" lists, so I decided to give it a try (despite costing over $20 for only 5 ounces).

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I'm so glad I did!  I've applied it every night before bed for the last two weeks, and have seen a noticeable difference.  They still look dry, but they are not cracked anymore and getting softer.  I couldn't be more pleased.  I keep the bottle on my bedside table, and it's starting to become habit to just put it on my feet before bed.

I know it's not much, but my feet are a tad better looking as I take that first step in the right direction.

Oh, and it's crazy dry here in Arizona, so the whole family is dealing with some dry skin issues lately.  If you have any recommendations for quality body lotions for men, women, and children shoot them my way as well.  Our knees and elbows will thank you for it.

Just for the record, this was not a paid for or sponsored post (I wish).  I think this is a good product, so I just wanted to share.

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