Kolorful Kilim

I've been thinking long and hard about what type of rug I want to put in the Family Room.  Rugs are big decisions.  Besides finding the right pattern and texture, finding the right size can be really difficult too.  Plus, the expense.  The smaller sizes are usually reasonably priced, but then they jump exponentially higher once you get into the 8'x10' and larger category.  I didn't want to make the wrong decision, as the rug (unlike the couch and media unit I talked about here) is not a temporary piece.  I wanted something I would like for a long, long time.

My initial thoughts were to go navy blue.  I figured a grey couch and a navy blue rug would be classic, but still bring in color which I crave.  Then I thought, but what if I get tired of blue?  What if in a few years I'm really into green? Plus, I really think the room would look cool with a touch of fuchsia or hot pink.  So, I tried to really analyze what colors I have consistently loved for a long time - turquoise, navy blue, emerald green, royal purple, raspberry.  Basically, I love jewel tones and always have.  I don't see that going away. So, I started to think about patterned rugs that would have lots of my favorite colors in it.

From there I started thinking about texture.  I knew I didn't want anything too thick or heavy, so I started looking at thinner rugs and discovered Kilim.  They're light weight, woven rugs from places like Turkey and such, and come in a lot of bright colors.  I found all sorts of different ones - some looked more Moroccan and some more Aztec.  I was worried though, that it would bring a very "Southwest" vibe to the house that I didn't want. Our house is very Southwest - all the houses here are, but I didn't want to bring it into the interior if I could help it.  I really love Mid-century Modern, and I was afraid things were going to start clashing if I mixed the styles.

So, I started browsing Pinterest for Mid-century Modern / Southwest (see my full board of inspiration here) and found this room.  Suddenly I had my inspiration.
I could still get my colorful Kilim rug without sacrificing Mid-century Modern style.  If I'm careful and make the right decisions my house can have a touch of Southwest while still being Mid-century Modern in style.

After finally figuring out the style and look I wanted; I just had to find the perfect rug.  After another long search, I finally decided on this rug.
It's from Shoppe Amber Interiors, and I instantly fell in love.  Then I panicked because I realized I hadn't run any of this by Bill.  What if he hated it?  I mean, there's pink in it afterall.  Luckily, Bill liked it, so I pulled the trigger.

I can't wait to show you pictures of it in the room.  It looks great - no buyer's remorse as of yet.  

So, am I the only one who takes this long to make a decision about something as insignificant as a rug?  I'm still a little surprised that I actually bought it so quickly (the day I found it).  Usually I just stalk things online, then they become unavailable, and then I curse myself for not just buying it when I had the chance.  In the long run, my over thinking probably saves me a ton of money, so it's probably not too bad of a habit to have.

Room photo source - here.
Rug photo source - here.

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