Couches and Consoles

We've unpacked all our stuff, and are technically moved in.  However, as is always the case with a new place, not all the furniture will work as it did before.  Case in point, our Family Room.  We had a sectional couch in our old house, that does not work in the Family Room.  We realized a new couch was a top priority for this room.

Side Note:  The sectional couch is now in our Living Room.  It doesn't work perfect in there either, but works better there than it did in the Family Room.

But what do you do when you just moved in and a) don't quite know yet the needs of a room, b) don't quite know yet how you want to decorate it, and c) don't have much cash?

Answer - You go neutral, and you head to IKEA!!

I was so thrilled to discover there was an IKEA near us in Arizona.  Did you know that there is not one IKEA in Wisconsin!?! The closest one was in Illinois, so for my entire young-adult-apartment-living and newlywed-first-house-living life I have gone without IKEA.  The horror, I know.

We tested a number of their sofas, and decided on the Karlstad Sofa in Isunda Gray.  The size was right.  It wasn't too deep. The fabric is durable and hides dog hair - plus it's a slip cover so I can wash it.  Best of all, it's super comfortable, which was a top priority for us.
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We also needed something to put our television on.  At our old house it was mounted on the wall, so we didn't have anything to put it on when we moved in.  I think we eventually would like to mount our television above our fireplace, but that's going to be an involved process.  So, for now, we picked up the Bestå Burs TV Unit in high gloss white.  It's low to the ground with two big storage drawers and three small cubbies.
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The budget breakdown for these two pieces were:
Sofa -       $639.42
TV Unit -   $242.58
Total -      $882.00

That's not a small chunk of change, especially considering these two pieces are technically temporary. However, temporary for me is probably going to be at least a few years.  We'll get a lot of use out of them, and they are neutral enough that they aren't going to dictate any major or permanent design decisions in the room.  I'll share pictures of them in the actual room soon.

What about you guys?  Do you buy temporary furniture, or do you just save up for what you really want even if it means you do without for awhile.

This was not a paid for or sponsored post.  I just like their store a lot and wanted to share.

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