Dining Room Progress

You really can't have a dining room with out a dining table, and we now have one.  Yes!  We picked up the Parker Mid-Century Expandable Dining Table from West Elm recently, and I love it.

Photo from West Elm

We got the large size which fits six regularly, and can expand to seat up to eight. There's a separate leaf that you insert.  Here's a quick picture of it in the house.

We used two arm chairs that we already had for the heads, and picked up four teal stacking chairs from Target to fill the other spaces. All these chairs are just interim pieces until we can afford better ones - dining room chairs are so expensive!!

Dining Table - $559.20 ($699 originally, but we got it for 20% off)
Dining Chairs - $139.96 (4 chairs at $34.99 each)
Total - $699.16

It's small progress I know, but I'm so happy to have a place to eat when guests come over. Plus, it's exactly what I wanted. I love when I don't have to compromise.

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