First Haircut

Madeleine is three years old and had yet to get a haircut, so we figured it was high time for a little trim.  Of course we made it a family event and all headed to Cool Cuts 4 Kids, and signed her up for their First Haircut package.  She got to pick out a show to watch and sat in a firetruck.  Of course, Bill and I snapped pictures from every possible angle like crazy paparazzi parents while she pretty much ignored us totally zoned out on the hypnotic powers of the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  Here are the before and after shots.
I really didn't realize it had gotten so long.  I'll admit it is much easier to brush after her baths now - not nearly as many tangles.  When did you first cut your daughter's hair?  How about your son's?  Seamus has the cutest curls in back that just kill me. I don't want to cut them off just yet.

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