At Least the Bedding is Pretty

Madeleine's room has had the tiniest bit of progress.  Not much, but it's slightly better than the empty (and dirty) shell we started with.
We now have some furniture and bedding, but that's about as far as we've gotten.
The bed and dresser are actually my father's from when he was a kid. My older sister used the dresser growing up, and my cousins the bed. Eventually I wound up with the dresser, and when my aunt gave the bed back to my dad he gave it to me. Madeleine's room had to house a full sized bed for guests, so we decided to put the set in her room for now. She loves her big bed. The headboard is really cool, as it has three cubbies for books and such behind the pillows, as well as a ledge. Someday I'll style it pretty, but for now I just let Madeleine throw whatever she wants in there.
The bedding is the only thing new I purchased for the room so far.  The white sheets are from Bed, Bath, and Beyond (still available here).  The duvet and throw pillows are from PB Teen (duvet - here, striped pillow here, and similar needlepoint sayings pillow here).  I had mentioned here that I was going for a pink, orange, and mint green color scheme, so I kept the bedding pretty neutral because the drapes and walls will bring in a lot of color.

My original list for Madeleine's Room is below, but I've had to modify it a bit due to some budget issues. I've also added a few items.

Madeleine's Room
- Skim coat and paint the walls (I got some quotes for skim coating, and although I still want to do it, it's a bit more than we can spend right now)
- Remove chair rail (We tested removing the chair rail.  It's glued to the walls, so if we removed right now we'd have to fix the wall beneath.  Since they're textured, it would be too difficult to get a seamless look.  It's off the list until we can afford to skim coat)
- Paint the trim
- Replace ceiling fan
- Buy new curtain rod
- Hang drapes
- Replace broken blinds (or maybe just remove for good)
- Buy slats for the bed so I don't need the box spring
- Bring in lots of colorful art
- Buy and install small bookshelves for behind the door
- Add a small nightstand next to her bed

As far as how much I've spent so far - not too much.

Duvet -              $89.00
Striped Pillow -  $32.99 (Pillow Cover $18.99 + Pillow Insert $14.00)
Love Pillow -     $14.99
Total -              $136.98

My goal is to keep the whole room under $500.

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