Touring Phoenix - Finally

We've been in Phoenix for two months now, so I thought it was time to start seeing some of the local sites. My parents were in town a few weeks ago and we spent the afternoon at the Desert Botanical Gardens here in town.  There is an exhibit going on now called "Chihuly in the Garden" showcasing the artist Dale Chihuly's famous glass art sculptures interspersed throughout the gardens.
I must confess I enjoyed the art more than the plants.  It was just so nice to see such great pops of color everywhere.
I was amazed at how large some of the sculptures were.
Some were as tall as the cacti.
Some just looked like cacti.
No sculpture here, but was amazed at how tall some of the Saguaro Cacti grow.  That's my dad in the picture for scale.  And yes, I can now identify quite a few different species of cacti.
Madeleine loved this piece (don't know if this was Chihuly too, or a different artist), she kept saying she loved the balloons.
Madeleine fake sleeping - she does this all over the place.  I could probably fill an album of fake sleeping pictures, but they always make me laugh.
Oh, and Seamus was with us too.  I just didn't snap too many pictures of him.  He enjoyed his stroll though.

I'm not sure if I would put the Desert Botanical Gardens on a Phoenix must see list, but I did enjoy myself. When you think desert you think barren, but there is actually a ton of different plant life here.  I did also learn the names of quite a few of the plants I see all over the place here, so that was cool.  If you're a Phoenix local let me know what other places we need to check out.  The zoo is on our list, and a few museums too.

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