Touring Phoenix - Phoenix Zoo

We had wanted to do something special for Seamus on his 1st birthday, so we decided to explore the Phoenix Zoo. After all, it's not every day this little guy turns one.
I was very impressed. The animals all have such beautiful and big enclosures. Zoos, as fun as they are, usually make me a little sad. I always wonder if the animals are as happy as they would be in the wild, so I was happy to see the Phoenix Zoo obviously put a lot of thought and care into these animals' homes. 
The giraffe enclosure was great. All the giraffes were out and about.  They have a Giraffe Encounter activity where they bring you eye level with the giraffes and get to feed them. Full disclosure, I didn't find out about this until the next day from a co-worker, so we haven't done this yet. Next time though, we'll definitely check it out. 
My dad brought his zoom lens and got some amazing shots of the animals.
They have some different animals here than at the Milwaukee Zoo (another fantastic zoo). The Komodo Dragons weren't out the day we visited though. Next time, I guess.
We took this picture on the anniversary of the exact minute Seamus was born. We did the same thing with Madeleine when she turned one.
We had such a fun time. It's not the biggest zoo I've ever been to, but again; so pretty and a really nice collection of animals.

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