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I've struck out so many times buying toys for Madeleine that I think she will just love only to discover after the initial "newness" wears off days (sometimes mere minutes) later that she could care less about them.  So, when people started asking me what they should get Seamus for his first birthday I was at a loss.  His favorite toy is the TV remote, and not the spare one we just took the batteries out of to trick him - the actual TV remote.  I don't know how he knows the difference, but he does.

Eventually I came up with a small list which included this Tools Chunky Puzzle from Melissa & Doug that he ended up getting from my parents. It has been a big hit with both him and three-year-old Madeleine.
I love Melissa & Doug toys.  I'm a fan of wooden toys, and theirs are very well made and affordable.  We have a number of their puzzles, but this was the first chunky piece one we've gotten. I totally didn't think about it until the kids started playing with it that this is really two toys in one - BONUS! Seamus still just eats and bangs the pieces together, but it didn't take Madeleine long to start using the puzzle pieces as play tools too. She goes around fixing everything now. They have a number of these chunky puzzles, but I thought this one was especially cute for boys.

What are some of your favorite toys for boys? I grew up with all sisters, so I don't have a lot of experience with what to get for boys. Are you a wooden toy snob like me? I can't help it, they are just so much more attractive to have around the house. We have our fair share of plastic, but when I can I try to get wooden.

I wasn't paid or perked by Melissa & Doug for this post.  I just really like their toys.
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