White Collar

I'm back with more Oscar fashion.  We're transitioning from yesterday's black dresses to white today, so I thought this was a fitting place to give a nod to Meryl Streep.

Meryl Streep
Her black and white Lanvin gown was just so perfectly Meryl.  It's age appropriate, and her hair and makeup looked fantastic. Doesn't she just ooze sophistication?

Kate Hudson
Next up, Kate Hudson in Atelier Versace.  This is another one of those dresses where I had to decide if I loved it or hated it, and I loved it!!  The shoulder/cape thing threw me a little bit, but I ultimately decided this was straight up old school Hollywood glamour.  I love how it is both slinky and modest at the same time. Great job, Kate!

Kristen Bell
I'm not 100% sure Kristen Bell's Roberto Cavalli's gown is white (light gray maybe?), but I'm putting it here anyway.  I think this is a gorgeous dress - the different textures and silhouette are fantastic; but I think it is too much dress for Kristen's small build.  This dress was definitely made for someone a little (ahem) bustier than her.  Not too bad though.

Portia de Rossi
The lovely wife of the hilarious Oscar host, Portia de Rossi stepped out in a laser cut halter by Naeem Khan.  I think this dress probably read a lot better in person than on tv, but I still liked it.  It has a classic feel, but the cut-outs make it modern and fresh.
Calista Flockhart
Calista Flockhart wore this short-sleeved Andrew Gn gown that I wasn't digging very much.  It's a slippery slope when wearing a white gown - you don't want to look bridal.  This, to me, looks like a wedding dress.  It's very cute though, but is lacking in serious glamour.

Naomi Watts
Despite some stiff competition, Naomi Watts gets my vote for best white dress of the night in her beaded Calvin Klein.  This dress just screams simple elegance - the column silhouette, capped sleeves, and beaded collar (necklace?).  I just loved it.  Combined with the edgy hair and bright red lips, it's the perfect presenter dress.  It's so funny critiquing these dresses; it's so subjective.  I loved Kate Hudson's gown, but Naomi's is closer to my personal style so she gets the win from me.  Nice job, Naomi!!

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