Disney Project - Pinocchio & Fantasia

I mentioned here I was planning on watching all the Disney movies (both animated and not) in chronological order for no other reason than I thought it would be fun.  We watched Snow White, but then progress came to a halt as I waited forever for Pinocchio to be delivered from Netflix.  I moved it to number one on my list, but it kept getting passed over - they must not have a lot of copies.  Well, we were back at my parents in Illinois last week, and thanks to my little sisters' DVD collection were able to knock out Pinocchio and the next movie on the list too, Fantasia (both released in 1940).
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I remember Pinocchio being scary, and thought for sure Madeleine would too, but she didn't seem to mind the boys being turned into donkeys or the whale.  So, all in all this one was a success.  The funnest thing about watching these old ones are the snapshot of the times they provide.  I doubt the word "jackass" would be used in any movies nowadays, and there was quite a lot of smoking and drinking displayed as well.  If you're looking for a non-princess cartoon for your little one I'd recommend Pinocchio (or just nocchio as Madeleine called it), although I still think it might be a little scary for the under 3 crowd.
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Moving onto Fantasia.  I remember this film being kind of boring, and you know what, it still is.  If you don't remember, Fantasia is a bunch of short cartoons set to classical music - no words, just music.  I enjoy classical music a lot, so I thought I'd like it more as an adult, but it still didn't do it for me.  Madeleine's attention span could not sit through all the non-cartoon narration either (nor the 2 hour running time).  She (and I) enjoyed some of the individual shorts - Mickey as the Sorcerer's Apprentice and the dancing hippos and crocodiles were both our favorites.  We watched it in bits and pieces, and if you're going to watch it I'd recommend it that way again.  Do not make this your family movie night movie - the whole family will be sorely disappointed.

Have you guys seen these movies lately?  What did you think of them?  I'd watch Pinocchio again, but not Fantasia.  What about current Disney movies aka FROZEN!!  We watched that not too long ago, and all really liked it.  Madeleine has seen it multiple times.  It is her go to movie for long car rides.

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