Let's Go To The Movies - Draft Day, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and The Other Woman

I've been on a bit of a movie kick lately. Here are my quick thoughts on three I've seen recently.

Bill and I had planned to go see The Grand Budapest Hotel, but it was sold out; so we ended up seeing Draft Day instead. I was not expecting much from it, but was actually pleasantly surprised. Kevin Costner is good in roles like this, and it was a really fun movie. If you're looking for a good date movie, this one fits the bill.

Next up, Captain America: The Winter Soldier. As far as big budget Marvel superhero movies go...I've seen better. To be honest, I think Chris Evans as Captain America is kind of boring. It wasn't a bad movie by any means, but he just doesn't have the kind of charisma that really draws you in. Basically, he is no Robert Downey, Jr., you know what I'm saying?

Finally, I went with some girlfriends to see The Other Woman starring Cameron Diaz, Leslie Mann, and Kate Upton. This movie is just a fun chick flick. Leslie Mann was the real star of the show for me. She is hilarious. Go with girlfriends to see this one, or just wait for it on DVD.

Have you seen anything good lately. I saw all these, but still the only one I really want to see is The Grand Budapest Hotel. I am a huge Wes Anderson fan, so hopefully soon.

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