My New Jam - Fancy

I'm loving Iggy Azalea and her new song Fancy. I blast it in my car and pretend I am a cool white rapper chic - which I am so not in any way other than in my own head.

I love the video too. It's practically a shot for shot homage to CluelessI one of my favorite movies. So fun!

Can you believe Clueless came out in 1995?!? That was 19 years ago!! I remember vividly going to the theater in high school to see it and laughing hysterically at the scene where Dionne accidentally gets on the freeway. We were all just getting our drivers licenses at that time, so it was just so relevant to what we were all going through.

Now I'm feeling old.

To hell with it though. This almost 35 year old is going to keep on rapping.

Oh, man am I going to embarrass my kids some day.

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