Toys for Boys

I'm continually looking for cool toys for Seamus. The primary objective is always for them to be fun, but I also like aesthetically pleasing toys too. I'm primarily drawn to wooden toys, but not opposed to plastic. Case in point, First Friends Dinosaurs by Tolo Toys.

I discovered Tolo Toys during a random internet surf session, and was drawn to the cute figures and bright colors. You can't order from their website, but you can look up local retailers there. You can order them from although they seem pretty expensive there. With no easy or inexpensive option to purchase them I mentally filed away the company name to remember for some other time.

Some other time came not too long afterward when Tolo Toys was featured on Zulily, a site I check daily. They had the entire dinosaur set on sale, so I picked it up to give to Seamus for his first birthday.
This is such a cute set of figurines that I am loving for a multiple of reasons. First, they're huge. I was expecting figures about the size of Fisher Price Little People, but these are double that size.
Second, the quality is really good. They're well made and will last a long time. They actually seem pretty indestructible to me. Finally, they move. Every figure can be posed all sorts of different ways, and when you do move them they make a fun clicking noise.
Seamus seems to like them so far, and Madeleine really enjoys them too. If I can find it for a descent price I may pick up the Polar set for her.

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