Buh-bye Boob Light

I have never been a huge fan of ceiling fans (haha).  Midwest summers are so humid that I was always just about the air conditioner there.  Here 90 degrees with a ceiling fan is quite pleasant.  Seamus' room was the only bedroom that didn't have a ceiling fan, and whenever we played in there it just felt hot. Plus, the light he did have was just a boring old boob shaped light. I knew getting him a ceiling fan before summer was in full swing was a priority.
We headed to Lowe's over the weekend to check our their selection.  I wasn't exactly sure what I was looking for, but I knew I wanted it to be modern and have a flush mount.  Other than that I was pretty open. We ended up picking this one up for $159.
I would say that I'm mostly happy with it.  It's oil rubbed bronze with faux wood blades.  It operates by remote control which is a little weird to get used to. There are two light switches in his room, and if Madeleine's is any indication we should be able to wire it so one switch controls the light and the other switch controls the fan. Right now, one light switch does nothing, and the other turns both the light and the fan on and off. So, to have the light off but fan on for sleeping you need to keep the light switch on, and turn the light off via the remote. Sounds easy enough, but a pain in the butt when we're trying to get to a screaming baby in the middle of the night and can't find the damn remote anywhere to turn the light on. We can mount the remote on the wall, but I don't love that idea either.

Basically, it looks good and operates, just not as efficiently as I was hoping for.  So, with that I have officially started Seamus' room!!  Yay!!

Fan -   $159
Total - $159

What do you thing? It works for now, right?  I really liked this one - doesn't it look like a flying saucer?  I thought it would be so cool for a little boy's room and more mid-century modern than the contemporary one we purchased.  I would have gotten it if it wasn't $299.  Maybe it will go on sale someday.

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