Disney Project - Victory Through Air Power

My quest to watch all the Disney movies in chronological order continues with the 1943 smash hit Victory Through Air Power!!  Wait...what do you mean you never heard of it?
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Yeah, I hadn't either.

It is an actual film that was released, but is more informative than entertaining. Actually, it's really just a big propaganda film. Walt Disney really thought airplanes were key to winning WWII, and he wanted to get the word out. It's based off Alexander P. de Seversky's book by the same name, and the author actually serves as narrator of the movie. The film first goes through the history of aviation in animated form. The second part of the film shows how Germany was able successfully seize power over Europe because they fully utilized their air power when other countries were using outdated methods like trench warfare and battleships - again in animated form. Finally, the last segment shows how we can win the war if we start fully utilizing our own air power - again in animated form complete with a bald eagle defeating a black octopus at the end which I assume is Germany.  Go America!!

The funny thing is that it actually worked. Disney sent the film to Winston Churchill who was so impressed with it that he asked Roosevelt to watch it as well. Crazy, right?

My take? It's an interesting film from a historical perspective, and would be great to show in schools and such when learning about WWII. It's probably not something I'll ever watch again though.

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