Elfa the Shelf

Between the front door and the stairs in the living room we have a big blank wall.  Right away I knew I wanted tall bookshelves to fill the space, but we decided to wait on buying anything until after we painted the space.  I looked online for ideas, and these from cb2 were my first choice.  They were $399 a pop though, and I needed at least three; which made it much more than I wanted to spend.  Plus, the shelves were stationary and I wanted to be able to move the shelves around.
After the walls were painted, we figured tackling this project would give us some immediate satisfaction and get some much needed color on the walls.  Plus, we have a ton of books that have been crowding up the office since we moved in.  We wanted them out of there.
We headed to the Container Store to check out their Elfa system.  We gave them the dimensions, they drew up the plans, and we waited on pins and needles for the estimate which we estimated was going to be over $1K.  It was $566.70 and we were like, "Wait, what?"  Needless to say, we were sold.  For convenience sake we had them deliver and install it, which added a bit more to the bill, but it still came in hundreds below what we were expecting.  Now our big blank wall looks like this.
I can't wait to style it!!

Living Room Budget 
Paint                             $641.75
Elfa Shelf                      $566.70
Elfa Shelf Installation     $260.00
Total                          $1,468.45

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