Mmmh, Pizza

For awhile now we have been making pizzas from scratch as one of our weekly meals. Well, almost from scratch, as I don't make the dough or the sauce. Back in Milwaukee we bought pizza dough from the awesome Italian grocery store - Glorioso's. Once we moved I was on the hunt for a new place to by fresh pizza dough. We had ordered once from #1 Brothers Pizza near our house and really liked the dough, so we asked them if they sell their dough fresh and they do. Voila, homemade pizza night was back on.
We made buffalo chicken pizza the other day which is one of my favorites. Served with some ranch on the side it is delicious.
Madeleine helped me put it together and was really excited to eat it.

Do you guys make your own pizzas ever? What are your favorite combinations? We're always looking for new ideas.

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