Me Style Pretty One Day

When last we left off here, we were rockin' new white Elfa shelves on our new white walls. The background was set. For me that was the easy part. I'm really good at getting rooms to about 90% finished. I can do the big ticket items, but that last 10% is so hard for me. The styling and all the little details...I get stuck.
We brought down all the books that needed to be housed here, and I also brought down pretty much every decorative accessory that I own - which is surprisingly not many.  After a couple of attempts this is what we created.
I'm pretty happy with it. I think the biggest struggle was trying to mix my different styles from over the years. I've never had this stuff all in one location before. For example, I went through a phase where I only bought leather covered books. I must have secretly thought I was going to end up in an English manor house or something. It was difficult to mix them in with all the other hardcovers and paperbacks that we've accumulated too.
The accessories are things I've bought here or there over the years with no plan of where they would ever go or creating a cohesive look. They're just things I liked in the moment.
Is it perfectly styled? No, but it's what I wanted. A place to hold all our books and games plus display a few things. I'm sure this will continue to be an ever evolving space in our home. I like it though. My favorite activity lately is lounging on the couch gazing at it.

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