Pretty Fly For A White Room

It's done! It was a long week with painters everyday, half the furniture under tarps, and the rest crammed in our bedroom; but the painting is done. The Red Monster has been replaced by cool, crisp, white walls and I love it!!
So, what exactly got painted?

1 - The walls of the living/dining room, family room, loft, the downstairs hallway, and the upstairs hallway.
2 - The ceilings in all these rooms.
3 - The baseboards in all these rooms.
4 - The doors in all these rooms.

It was a BIG project.
I'm thrilled with the results. It looks so fresh and clean. I think the front door is one of my favorite things. I just love how it disappears into the wall now. It's funny how a different color changes the way other things look too. I never noticed the ceiling fan in the loft before, but with the new paint color it looks really great - practically brand new. I think it will stick around for awhile now. On the flip side, all the lights in the living/dining room and the scones in our upstairs hallway look so yellow, as do all the smoke detectors and such.

One other quick change we made in these rooms was switching out plates on all the light switches and outlets. In most places they were a very ornate oil rubbed bronzed. We switched them all for white, and they look much better.

Next up - fill these big bare walls.  We would like to do a gallery wall of art and photos as well as add some mounted bookshelves. I'll also be back with some pictures of the freshly painted family room and loft. Stay tuned.

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