California Vacation - Day 3

The next day of our vacation was spent at the beach. We picked up my sister and her family and headed to Huntington Beach. We had breakfast at Ruby's on the pier there, then headed to the Huntington Beach State Park to play.
Seamus loved the sand and water. I would plop him down and he would immediately start crawling for the ocean - no fear this kid. The waves were pretty big. Madeleine liked when we would plant our feet and try not to get knocked down by the waves.
There was lots of play on the sand too. The kids built castles and collected sea shells. I was amazed at how quickly the time passed.

We headed home around 1pm and both kids took great naps. The rest of the day we hung out with Bill's dad. I said I wanted a good burger for dinner, so funny enough we ended up at another Ruby's for dinner too.

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