Getting My Mood On

When last we left Madeleine's bedroom it was looking like this (more photos here and here). Yeah, it's in rough shape.
But I do have a vision, and it is something like this!
In fact, I have more of an idea what I want to do in here then in any other room in the house.

It all started with the awesome drapes from Ikea. They were the original inspiration, and still are. I picked up two packages for a nice full look. Then I picked up the white/pink bedding and the pink/gray/orange striped pillow from Pottery Barn Teen. Then it stalled. I did manage to hang one pair of the drapes up just to get rid of that awful blue, but that's it. We started going full steam ahead with painting the downstairs and this project got shelved.

I really want to get back to it now, so I spent some time putting this mood board together. I love mood boards! It's such a great visual to take the vision in your head and see if it will actually work. Some of these pieces I definitely want to get. Some are just inspiration or represent something else. For example, Madeleine has a vintage bed and dresser in her room already, but I wanted to see how the color of them will play off everything else. The dresser on the mood board is similar in color and style to what she already has.

I still feel like it is missing something, but I'm not quite sure what it is yet. A lot of times I end up going too matchy-matchy (that's a real design term, right?). I decided to add in some emerald green and gold so that everything is not just pink and orange, but we'll see.

The first thing we really need to do is paint followed by a new ceiling fan. Once that is done I can properly hang the drapes and it will really just be a matter of just putting it all together. I might actually have one room completely done by the end of the year.

Here are the sources for the entire mood board.
DraperyPink nightstand - Pink/Orange Striped Bedding - Orange Flower Bedding - White/Pink Bedding - Pink/Gray/Orange Striped Pillow - Gold Pouf - Aqua/Gold Table Lamp - Gold Clip Lamp - Green Shelves - Tiger ArtBird Art - Hippo Art - Dresser - Balloon Animal Bookend - Desktop Cubby Storage

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