July - Crush List

I cannot believe July is coming to a close. I had an idea to start putting together a little list of things I am seriously crushing on at the end of each month. Here's what is currently catching my fancy.

1 - Pendants from Yellow Owl
2 - Jewelry Box from West Elm
3 - Brooch from Kate Spade
4 - Gilligan & O'Malley Pajamas from Target
5 - Storage Table from IKEA

That storage table is seriously calling to me. A trip to IKEA may be in order for this weekend.

Update: the table is mine!!!!!
Update: Bill got me the jewelry box and brooch for our anniversary!!
Update: My Mother-in-law got me the color wheel pendant for Christmas!!


  1. That storage table is so cool, and it would look great against your white walls. What a fun pop of color. Probably a good price to being from IKEA. I am seriously crushing on those pj's, they look comfy!

    1. I used to always wear pants to bed, but it's just too hot here. This brand at Target has a ton of cute short options.