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The living room is really starting to come together. To refresh your memory, we started with this (more photos here).
The drapes came down and we painted the red and beige walls white...very, very white. We added bookshelves to the wall opposite the couch (more on that here and here), but the wall above the couch was begging for some attention. I knew from the git-go I wanted to do a gallery wall there - a big one that would fill up the entire space above the couch. We didn't have enough art to do that just yet, but we didn't want to delay it either. So, we decided to start with a scaled down version just to get what we did have off the floor and on to the walls.
The first step was figuring out which pieces to use and their configuration. We started with the actual pieces laid out on the floor. We just kept moving them around until we came up with a configuration we liked. Then I picked up a roll of brown postal paper and traced all the pieces to make templates. We hung the templates on the wall with masking tape until we got the positioning basically where we wanted. Then we tweaked it a bit more with a tape measure to make the spacing as consistent as possible. We were left with this.
Then, Bill took care of hanging everything. He figured out where the nails needed to go, found the coordinating spot on the template, and just nailed right through it. Once the picture was hung correctly he removed the template behind it. Tah-dah!
 I love the pop of color it brings to the space, not to mention visual interest and texture.
I went up to the loft and took this photo of the entire space. It's coming along, but I still have more planned.
The light fixture above the door needs to go. Now that we've painted the room white it looks super yellow. Next up on the list though is curtains. Stay tuned.

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