Raising The Barre

I mentioned in my 5-Year Plan post that I want (ahem...need) to lose some weight, but it's been topping out at 115 degrees here lately, so exercising outside is out of the question right now. Traditional gyms are not really my thing though; I get really bored on a treadmill and don't push myself. I briefly looked into the CrossFit gyms near my house, but that looks way too hardcore; plus their gym hours did not work at all with my schedule. I was flipping through a coupon book for a shopping complex near my house and saw a coupon for a Barre class. Was that like a ballet workout class? It piqued my inner ballerina's interest enough that I immediately looked it up online, liked what I saw, and registered for my first class.

So, last night I headed to The Daily Method barre studio for my first class, and I survived! I had fun too. If you don't know what a Barre class is it's a mixture of ballet type barre work combined with yoga and Pilates. It's lot of stretching, holding, and small movements that really works your core muscles.

I was a little intimidated when I saw all the other women in the class were already quite thin and toned. I felt sorry for my self for a minute before thinking, "F@&k it, who cares? I'm here for me. Plus, maybe they are all thin and toned because this workout"

As for the actual class itself. I was not able to do every move completely yet. I thought my arms were going to fall off during the arm workouts, and my legs were literally shaking sometimes during some of the poses. I did it though, every move as good as I could. I was actually surprised at how many moves I could actually already do, and how flexible I still was. Plus every time we did anything at the barre my inner ballerina came out and was loving it.

When I came home Bill showed me this inspiring video and gave me a great YOU CAN DO IT pep talk.

I'm going to my second class on Saturday!

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