What's Your Sign?

I was having a conversation with a friend recently, and the subject of zodiac signs came up. She asked me what my kids' signs were, and I had no idea. In all this time it never even occurred to me to look up what signs they are.

It turns out Madeleine and Bill are both Scorpios.
Photo Source here.
Determined and Forceful
Emotional and Intuitive
Powerful and Passionate
Exciting and Magnetic

Seamus is a Pisces.
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Imaginative and Sensitive
Compassionate and Kind
Selfless and Unworldly
Intuitive and Sympathetic

I'm an Aries, but I've always known that.
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Adventurous and Energetic
Pioneering and Courageous
Enthusiastic and Confident
Dynamic and Quick-Witted

I grabbed the personality traits from the below chart. Some seem spot on, and others I'm not too sure. The negative traits are interesting to explore too. I think it is funny that I always say Madeleine has Bill's personality - maybe it's because they are the same sign!?! I'm sure genetics had nothing to do with it.
Photo Source here.
Are you into astrology? Do you check your horoscope? I still always read mine whenever I come across it in a newspaper or magazine.

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