Filling in the Pieces

The kids are both at the point where they have been wearing their current clothes for a long time. Most of their wardrobe I'll be able to stretch through the Arizona winter too.  It's great on my wallet, but it gets a little boring too.  So, when I saw that Old Navy and the GAP had an one day only online sale I couldn't resist picking up some new pieces for each of them.

Funnily enough I got all Madeleine's pieces from Old Navy and all of Seamus' pieces from the GAP.

1 - Terry-Fleece Tee Dress in Pink

A little dress like this with a pair of jeggings is easy and comfortable, yet pulled together look.  I picked this one to go with dark denim jeggings she already has plus the new camo ones below.  She also has cute gold shoes that will go with it as well.

2 - Heart-Print Sweatshirt Dress

I've been eye-balling this dress for a little bit now.  The look of separates with the ease of a dress. I like how neutral it is. She can wear it as is now, and we'll add fun colored tights for the winter.

3 - Printed Pull-On Denim Jeggings in Green Camo

Camo is the big fall trend this year, and I love it.  It is such a versatile print that easily pairs with grey, pink, purple, and navy blue.  Madeleine has a ton of tops that will easily pair with these jeggings.

4 - Pull-On Chambray Pants

The wild card of the group.  I have no idea what in her current wardrobe will work with these cute chambray pants, but I just couldn't stop thinking how adorable they were.  Hopefully once I see her in them inspiration will strike.

5 - Cuffed Twill Shorts in Black Jack and Serpenteal

Madeleine already has two pairs of these shorts, and I love how they fit her.  They look cute and have an adjustable waist too.  These were on sale for $5 a pair, so I bought the next size up and will just hold onto them until next summer.

Now onto Seamus and the GAP. The GAP just always seems to have the styles I want for him more than any other store. The clothes fit him well too. Here's what I picked up for my boy.


1 - Baseball Hoodie

I thought this hoodie looked comfortable and would be a good layering piece.  He can still wear shorts and a T-shirt, but I can just throw this on for the cool mornings that are coming.

2 - Engineer-Stripe Sweater in Light Blue Heather

A sweater to perfectly match Seamus' light blue eyes.  That's really why I bought it.  I'll make sure he gets a lot of wear out of it though.

3 - Pull-On Selvage Original Fit Jean

This style of jean fit Seamus great last winter.  He's skinny, but tall.  The inner elastic waist gets him into the next size up faster which has the length he'll need.  As far as the style, I thought this lighter distressed denim was so cute.  I can pair these jeans with any shirt in his entire wardrobe for a nice casual look.

4 - Lined Pull-On Camo Pants

It's not often you see a uni-sex pattern trend, but camo is it.  For boys, you can pair this with navy, grey, light blue, orange, or yellow.

5 - Pull-On Straight Jean in Dark Wash

I had to make sure he had at least one classic dark pair of jeans.  I like to pair his brighter shirts with these or just a white crisp button down for a slightly dressier look.

Everything at Old Navy was 30% off and everything from the GAP was 40% yesterday (they're still 30% and 35% off respectively today - more if you use your Old Navy or GAP card).  Also, it was free shipping! I saved $80 and if anything doesn't work I can return it to any store in town. The perks of online shopping.

Did you take advantage of any Back-to School sales?  I actually rarely buy clothes for the kids, so this was a huge haul for me.  I usually just pick up one piece here or there if I notice they need something.

Update: I had to return Seamus' Camo Pants. They didn't have them in 18-24, so I ordered 12-18 figuring he could wear them for a little bit. When they came I could immediately tell they were going to be too short. Such a bummer.

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