Book Report - Written in My Own Heart's Blood

Earlier this week I finished Diana Gabaldon's latest book, "Written in My Own Heart's Blood" (Outlander Series Book #8). It did not disappoint.
First, I'll say that it was so much fun reading this book while also watching the series come to life on the small screen.  (If you are not watching Outlander on Starz start doing so now!!) I read "Outlander" in college some 15+ years ago, and I still enjoy the adventures of Jamie and Claire as much now as I did then.

That being said, not every book in this series is as great as others, so I was very pleased when "Written in My Own Heart's Blood" was more along the pace of the first four books. Jamie, Claire, and a hodgepodge your favorite supporting characters are in Pennsylvania during the Revolutionary War; while Brianna, Roger, and their kids are in Scotland during the 1980's.

Jamie and Claire's story was steady and chalk full of history. They are still very much in love in a way that reads as believable. They are the voice of wisdom to all their young relations and strays they seem to pick up along the way. They still seem to find themselves in the middle of all the action, but are there a little bit more reluctantly than before. They do what they need to do, but all they really want to do is go home.

Brianna and Roger's story was where all the suspense of this book lay.  Separated by time they were each dealing with enormous obstacles - Brianna and the kids trying to escape Jem's kidnappers and Roger's search for Jem in the past with his however many times Great Grandfather. Their stories were exciting on their own, but combined with the added suspense of how, when, or if they were going to be reunited again kept the 800+ page story moving quickly.

It had a very, very satisfying ending (no cliffhangers here), but made it obvious that there is still more to come. (I hear 10 books in all!) Yay!

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