Children's Book Report - My Pet Book

I recently picked up "My Pet Book" by Bob Staake for Madeleine. The bright red cover instantly caught my eye, and I was drawn to the illustrations. They reminded me of another book we had at home, "Bugs Galore." Turns out that one is also illustrated by Staake (although written by Peter Stein). I just love his bold, graphic, and colorful style.
When we actually sat down and read it I was so pleased with the story too. It's about a little boy who wants and then gets a book for a pet. He goes on all sorts of adventures with his book and doesn't have to worry about having to take care of it like you would a dog or a cat.
One day when he comes home from school the book is gone, and a frantic search ensues. And when all is well again...

The boy's mom gently asked him
How a book could bring such joy.
"It's cuz every book's a friend!"
Said the yawning little boy.

That pretty much sums up how I've always felt about books and how I hope my children will feel about them someday too.

I'd love to hear what children's books you and your kids are loving right now. Do you stick to the classics? Or venture out on new releases? Do you actually buy them or just check them out from the library? We're do a bit of both. I have to really be drawn to a book before I'll buy it, so I like the library to keep a good rotation going while always searching for the next special book to add to our collection.

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