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Last night I was invited by a friend, who is a member of the Phoenix Film Society, to see a special advanced screening of The Good Lie starring Reese Witherspoon. It is a powerful film about the harrowing experiences of a group of Sudanese children orphaned by war, raised in a refugee camp, and given the opportunity to start over in America. Check out the preview.

I had not even heard of this film before seeing it, so I went into it blind. I really enjoyed it though. Reese Witherspoon's role is actually very minor, but I'm glad she did this project. A big name like her will draw in viewers and help spread awareness on the plight of "The Lost Boys of Sudan" as these orphans came to be known.

After the film, two of the actors and two of the producers from the film talked to the audience (which besides the Phoenix Film Society included the local AZ Lost Boys Center) about why they were drawn to the project and what it took to get it made (over 10 years of work). I really enjoyed listening to the actors speak. The four main characters of the film were all actual Sudanese refugees themselves. They talked a lot about how this may not have been their actual story, but it was still their story. The heartbreaking part was learning that history is repeating itself in Sudan as a new civil war has started, and the refugee camps are filling up again.

If you'd like to help support the Lost Boys (and Girls) still in refugee camps in Sudan, you can donate to The Good Lie Fund here or even find a local group to help them adjust to a new life in America - you can donate to the local AZ Lost Boys Center here.

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