Coveting Chairs

Hey, remember my dining room table? (see here for more details) The chairs are working fine for us for now, but in my view, they've always been temporary.
I hadn't really thought too much about it since either. However, looking at this next picture things are looking pretty bare in the dining room. I still need drapes, a new light, and a rug; so it might be a little premature to be thinking about chairs yet. And I really wasn't thinking about them...
until I saw these!!! I love them. They're a total mixture of a traditional upholstered dining chair with the clean lines of a mid-century modern dining chair. They would bring really nice texture, color, and lines to the room. The only thing holding me back is the price tag ($400 a pair). I would need at least 6, and $1,200 seems a lot to spend right now. So, for now I'll just be admiring from afar, saving my pennies, and hoping they're still around when I can afford them.
What big ticket items are you guys saving for? Everything I want seems to cost $1,500 - that's like the magic price tag for every project I want to do in the house. Decorating piece by piece over a long period of time is really hard to do. It just feels like you'll never ever get the finished room you want, am I right?


  1. We're saving for new floors!

    1. I would love new floors here, but that's probably quite a few years away. You've been in your house a while now though, so you've definitely earned them.