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We watched Make Mine Music the other day. It's another collection of segments movie rather than a full-length feature, and it was definitely my favorite in this genre so far. I actually vividly remembered a number of these shorts from my childhood.
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Funnily enough, the first segment "The Martins and the Coys" was censored in the version Netflix sent me, but I found it online here. The gunplay was considered too intense for children. It's so silly when you compare it to what is on television nowadays. I thought it was pretty harmless. I wouldn't mind if my kids watched it. This was one of the ones I remembered watching from when I was little.

I also remembered:

"All The Cats Join In" - Bobby socks and Big Band Music. I loved how animated people looked in this one - especially the girls. So, cute.

"Casey At The Bat" - The famous and fun poem about a cocky ball player.

"The Whale Who Wanted to Sing at the Met" - A funny little tale about a whale who only wants to sing opera.

"Peter and the Wolf" - A classic. My favorite.

"Johnny Fedora and Alice Blue Bonnet" - A sweet little love story about two hats who fall in love, are separated, but find each other again.

There were a few other segments, but they weren't as entertaining in my opinion. "Blue Bayou," "Two Silhouettes," "Without You," and "After You've Gone" were music centered only - no real story. Luckily enough, the other stories redeemed this little film. I would definitely watch this one again anytime.

Do you remember any of these? They used to play these little shorts on the Disney Channel when I was younger - like in between shows. Does anyone else remember that? They should still do that. I would enjoy it for the nostalgia factor; plus, they're just really entertaining and fun.

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