6 Whole Years

Bill and I celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary over the weekend - what? Where did the time go? About a month ago I suggested we go to Las Vegas for our anniversary. His sister lives there, so we could visit family, but also have access to an overnight babysitter (Thanks, Sally!). We spent Friday and Saturday morning with the family, but on Saturday afternoon Bill and I headed downtown to the Bellagio where we had booked a room for the night.

I have always wanted to stay at the Bellagio. For some reason I see it as the fanciest of the Vegas hotels. It was actually pretty reasonably priced and we had a great view of the fountains. So, happy to cross that off my bucket list.
The Paris hotel was across the street. I told Bill that on some future anniversary I would like to be looking at the real Eiffel Tower.

Fun Fact. Did you know at the Bellagio they have a tv channel that just plays the music for the fountain show? You can't hear the music from inside the hotel, so it was great to tune into that channel to hear the music while watching the show out my window.

Anyway, after we arrived at the hotel we immediately....took a nap. Seriously, we were so tired from the drive and chasing kids everywhere that we passed out for like an hour and half. It was wonderful.

Next we headed to the Delano hotel for dinner at miX. I had the Roasted Main Lobster "Au Curry" served over coconut basmati rice. Bill had the Pepper Crusted Bison Tenderloin with glazed vegetables and black pepper sauce. We also ordered, as sides, the Sauteed Green Asparagus and Fork-Crushed Potatoes. For dessert I had the miX candy bar and Bill had vanilla ice cream with brownie bites. I also had the best moscato to drink. I need to find out what kind that was because it was so good. I had two glasses. We both really enjoyed the meal.

Next up, we headed to Mandalay Bay to see comedian Aziz Ansari. Right when he came out he said we could take pictures of him, so here he is pretending to be doing stand-up with a crazy penguin backdrop. Seriously, he just walked around and posed for a few minutes with all sorts of funny backgrounds just so the fans could take pictures.
He was hilarious. Such a good show.
When we got back to the hotel our view looked like this!!

We slept in to about 8am (yes, that is sleeping in for us), hung out with the family a little more, then headed out. We rolled back into Phoenix around 5pm.

We remembered to take one picture of us in the Bellagio conservatory before we left, which was all decked out for fall. So, pretty...the conservatory I mean, although we're not too bad looking either, I guess.
Here's to another year!

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