A Hint of Mint - Take Two

I mentioned here that I'm looking for a very soft mint green for Madeleine's room. The first three colors we tried were too blue. Well, I went back and tried some colors more on the green side of the mint spectrum, but I still don't think we have a winner. Please note that I am not color blind. The paper samples of these all looked very minty. Even the paint in the can looked minty, but when it went up on the wall it was a whole different story.
These are the colors I sampled - all Benjamin Moore.

P - Parkside Dunes

N - Neon Celery

C - Celery Ice

L - Lime Froth

I - Iced Mint

I pulled all the above images from the Benjamin Moore website and they even look different here then they do on their website. So weird.

Anyway, the closest and one we all liked best was Neon Celery, but it's still not quite what I was envisioning. I've never had this much trouble finding the right color. At $5 a pop for samples this is starting to get expensive. Do I give it one more shot or just pick Neon Celery and be done with it. Anything is better than how it is now.


  1. I know this is an old post but did you ever find the right mint? I am having the hardest time finding a perfect, true mint.

    1. Hi Amber! I wish I could say I did, but I'm still searching. We ended up painting her room Neon Celery by Benjamin Moore. It sometimes looks mint, but also sometimes looks well...celery. Let me know if you ever find that perfect mint, and thanks for reading!!