Children's Book Report - The Numberlys

We added another great picture book to our home library recently, The Numberlys, written by William Joyce and illustrated by him and Christina Ellis. It's such a beautiful book and a cute story too.
The two things that caught my eye and convinced me to purchase were 1) the awesome art-deco black and white illustrations that obviously pay homage to the Fritz Lang film, Metropolis; and 2) the way it is laid out vertically instead of horizontal. Both make for a really unique picture book.
The story is great too. The Numberlys live a very organized, but dull life. Their world is nothing but numbers day-in and day-out. A small group of Numberlys start to wonder what if there was more than just numbers. They start manipulating the numbers, and after lots of hard work come up with letters! Suddenly, there is color in their black and white world. Soon, they learn to make words and the entire Numberly world is introduced to the colorful and fun world of letters.
This book was perfect for Madeleine as she's been learning her ABCs these past few months. She's been reciting them for a while, but didn't necessarily know them by site yet. This book was one of the tools we used to help her along. I highly recommend this book.

What are you reading your kids lately? We're going to the library soon to pick up some Halloween books to get us through the rest of the month.

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