Disney Project - Fun and Fancy Free

Next up was 1947's Fun and Fancy Free. This one was nice and short, but still really fun for kids.
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Jiminy Cricket is our guide through this film. He is first hanging out in what we think is the outdoors, but find out is just a house plant, and then continues to go exploring throughout the house. He gets chased by a cat into a little girl's room, named Luana, and bumps into a Teddy Bear. He then starts playing a record, and the first segment Bongo starts which is narrated and sung by Dina Shore. (This was another one I remember watching on the Disney Channel when I was a kid). Bongo is a little circus bear who escapes the circus train and goes off on an adventure in the wilderness. He doesn't know anything about living in the wild, but luckily there is a cute little girl bear there to help. They, of course, fall in love, but almost miss their happily ever after due to Bongo's lack of wild bear knowledge. Luckily it all works out in the end. (A real nail biter this one was).

We're then returned to Jiminy who stumbles upon a party invitation in Luana's room. He decides to hop over a few houses to check things out. The "party," as it turns out, is famous ventriloquist Edgar Bergen (Candace Bergen's dad), Luana, and two dummies. This part would never fly nowadays. Bill and I immediately were looking at each other like, WTF? I'm sure it was very sweet at the time, but it comes off very creepy now. Since there is no one else at this "party" except them, it was like he lured her there with puppets and maybe doesn't have the best intentions.

Luckily, he only wants to tell her the story of Mickey and the Beanstalk, phew. We've been watching this cartoon for quite some time now actually. Madeleine has this story as a Little Golden Book, and she loves it - like really, really loves it. This segment is available on Netflix instant, but instead of a creepy man telling the story they changed it to the cartoon character, Professor Ludwig Von Drake. A good change in my opinion. Anyway, Mickey and the Beanstalk is obviously just a retelling of Jack and the Beanstalk with Mickey, Donald, and Goofy instead.

So, that's Fun and Fancy Free. I enjoyed this one a lot. The cartoons are timeless, and we had a good laugh at the weird little "party" scene.

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