Halloween Cookies

Madeleine and I made some Halloween cookies last weekend!
I used the sugar cookie recipe from this cookbook, and was not impressed with the recipe. The dough was really hard to work with - super crumbly. After they were baked the cookies were really heavy and dense. They tasted okay, but I've had better.
As a kid, when we decorated Christmas cookies my mom would present us with the raw shaped cookies on a tray. We would paint each cookie with egg whites and then sprinkle sugar crystals on top. You bake them after they are decorated. I've done the whole royal icing thing before, but the sugar crystals are my favorite. I love the mix of the soft sugar cookie with the crunch of the crystals - plus it's more fun for kids to decorate them this way in my opinion.
Seamus didn't help decorate them, but he definitely helped eat them.
Extreme close up!
Please let me know your favorite sugar cookie recipes. I need to find a better one than this.

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