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I've been struggling with a consistent morning routine for some time now. Thankfully the kids are FINALLY sleeping to at least 6am every morning. However, that still means I have to be dressed and ready by the time they wake up. Bill starts his workday at 5:30am, so it is essentially just me getting the kids up, dressed, and ready to leave by 7am each weekday. Every day I plan to be up by 5:30am, but unfortunately, my body seems to be really, really, really against waking up before 6am. Which then gives me about 10 minutes to get myself dressed and ready before I have to go into "mom" mode.

Occasionally on those days I wake up late I realize my hair is desperately in need of being washed (I can't go more than two days without washing it before it starts to look greasy) and I don't have time to shower. Enter my new favorite product...


Remember when Herbal Essences was super popular in the 90's? They were my shampoo/conditioner of choice back in those days. At some point I went another direction, but they're still around. I decided to pick up their "naked" shampoo and conditioner (haven't tried them yet) and on a impulse picked up the dry shampoo as well.
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I have never tried dry shampoo before, and didn't know what to expect. If you're unfamiliar, it reminds me of blasting my hair with those compressed air canisters used to dust off your keyboards and such. I sprayed it all along my roots, scrunched it into my hair, and voila - no more greasy hair. It worked great!

So, if you're interested in ways to go longer without washing your hair (they say it's better for your hair) or, if you're like me and have just been choosing sleep over hygiene lately; then give dry shampoo a try.

Have you ever tried dry shampoo? What did you think? How long do you go between hair washes? Prior to this if I overslept my hair immediately went into a messy bun for the day. I'm happy to have found a lazy hair alternative.

Just for the record, this was not a paid for or sponsored post (I wish).  I think this is a good product, so I just wanted to share.

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