October is here... I thought it was time to decorate for Halloween!! I was so excited because I actually bought some new decorations this year. I've been wanting to vamp up our holiday decorating throughout the year, but it's tough to do. You only need them once a year, so you don't want to spend a fortune on them. Yet, if you wait until they go on sale then everything good is gone. So, I've decided to make a point to buy a few pieces at the beginning of the season with the hope that in a few years I'll have some really rocking displays.

For Halloween, I really wanted to do a Dia De Los Muertos theme (aka Day of the Dead). It's no secret that I love color and I've always been really drawn to those colorful sugar skulls you see around for this celebration. Needless to say, I added a lot of skeletons/skulls to the collection this year.
I may not love our fireplace (remember here), but mantels are great for holiday decorations.
These are all new decorations I bought in September from Grandin Road, which among other things, has great holiday decorations - especially Halloween.
This BOO marquee sign is so cute. They're metal letters with a battery on the back. They're no longer available though. I told you the good stuff goes fast. If you like the look though they currently have PEACE marquee letters for Christmas here. These are also great if you have a three year old who is learning her letters. Madeleine goes around saying "B - O - O spells Boo!!" all the time now.
The Happy Halloween Banner is still available here, and it's on sale too. Madeleine also enjoys calling out all the letters on this one too.
The Set of Two Ceramic Skulls is available here and also on sale. I bought a black set and a white set. I think they're my favorite new decoration. They are so sleek and cool.
Over by the tv I have two PartyLite lanterns that I have had for a while now. They have magnetic plates on them that snap on and off. They came with spiderwebs, leaves, and snowflakes so I can use them for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Then, I put the kids Trick-or-Treat buckets there too for some added color.

Update: Seamus immediately went for the lanterns as soon as he got home. They have been removed for safekeeping.

The living/dining room got a little bit more color, and is more on theme. The white set of skulls are hanging out in here. I picked up the table cloth at Target. I thought when I bought it that it would be reusable, but it's just a plastic party table cloth. Fun for this year though since I don't have much yet.
Seriously, these skulls are so cool. Maybe some day I'll paint these to look like sugar skulls.
The bookshelf got a some more Target decorations too - just check out their Halloween section. These are just paper, so won't last forever, but if I'm careful with them I'm sure I'll get quite a few years out of them.
The bar in the living/dining room has a small hodgepodge of things. There's an extra Trick-or-Treat bucket that I'll probably put the candy for the Trick-or-Treaters in. A trio of black Jack-O-Lanterns tealight holders. They have fun colored insides and were another PartyLite find from a few years ago. Then, my very cool Mariposa candy dishes - one shaped like a spider and one like a bat. I've had these for ages too. Pretty soon they'll be filled with candy corn and M&M's.

Finally, the front porch looks like this!
The skeleton was also from Grandin Road; new this year. He's no longer available, but easy enough to find a similar one other places still. Bill calls him Bones. I put Madeleine's red cowboy hat on him for fun. The door banner is from Target too.

Update: Madeleine immediately saw this and demanded her hat back.

So, there you have it. The very beginning of what will some day be a very cool Dia De Los Muertos themed Halloween. See, even my holiday decor has to be done piece by piece.

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