Book Report - The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time

In an attempt to read more I decided to utilize my commute to work (30 minutes each way) and listen to an audio book. I've always liked audio books. I find being read to a very pleasant experience.

So, I picked up The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time by Mark Haddon.
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The story is about a 15-year old autistic boy named Christopher. One morning, he discovers the body of Wellington, the neighbor's dog, stabbed by a pitch fork, and decides to find out who killed it.  The novel is told from his perspective as he writes down his entire experience investigating the murder. So, the "book" you're reading is supposed to be actual book he wrote - make sense?

Christopher is very literal and logical. He loves math; especially prime numbers. He hates anything yellow or brown. He does not understand social norms or emotions very well. As a reader, you're immediately drawn into his altered way of viewing the world and the struggles that presents for not only him, but those who care and/or know him as well as any strangers he occasionally comes into contact with.

I enjoyed the story. It was full of twists and turns that I truly did not see coming. I loved how ordinary tasks, like navigating a subway station, became gripping and heroic tales when told through the point of view of someone who views the world so differently. Ultimately though, it's a story about love and all its complexities...but also literally about "Who killed Wellington?"

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